How I Initiated A Happy Ending During An Asian Massage

I’ve preached how incredible the Happy Tugging massage parlor is for quite some time now. I felt it was necessary for me to share some insight on how I typically initiate a happy ending during almost any Asian massage. Unless you have been living under a rock; you know that a “happy ending” is a code word used in an erotic massage. This code word means something very simple. It means the masseuse must use her hand to stimulate your dick and finish you off. You know, it’s a typical cum explosion on the massage table.

The question many guys want to know is: Where can I get an erotic Asian massage and how do I initiate a happy ending? Well, there is no better way to let you know how than to share my personal experience with you. This will help you shed some light on the subject so you can feel more comfortable and know what you are getting into.

Happy Ending Asian Massage

How you find one of these massage parlors depends largely on your area. Of course, larger cities are going to be more likely to have them. Like I said, I’m a bit biased when it comes to parlors. The HappyTugging franchise is the place I prefer. Of course, they can’t come out and say that they are going to get you off in any of the ads you read. So, all you have to do is look for innuendos and especially ones that actually use the words “happy ending”. They will make it obvious without coming right out and saying it.

Once you have found a place, you may run into a situation where you can’t be 100% sure that a happy ending is in the cards. That’s when you need to find creative ways to let them know that this is what you want. Many of the masseuses at erotic massage parlors have their own way of asking you if you want them to finish you off.

They start subtle and slowly become more and more obvious if you don’t seem to get it at first. This makes it pretty easy for you to get your happy ending without embarrassment or anxiety.

I was pretty sneaky in the way that I tested the waters, but it works. I kind of just let my hands hang down. When the masseuse would come near them, I would allow my hand to touch her leg lightly. This would arouse me slightly and she noticed it. Since I didn’t make it obvious and made it look like it was unintentional, she would have just asked me to move my hand if this wasn’t appropriate. Luckily, this prompted her to ask me if I wanted a happy ending.

The rest is history!

Another way to test the waters is to allow yourself to become aroused by the feeling of having an attractive young Asian girl touch you all over your body. If a happy ending is not on the menu, she will either do nothing, avoid contact with your penis, or tell you that she has to stop until your erection goes down. This might be a little embarrassing but don’t be afraid to try it. Legit masseuses are used to this sort of thing and they will usually handle it gracefully and let you know that it’s not appropriate without embarrassing you or making you feel bad. If she does specialize in happy endings, this will be the perfect time for her to ask you. They will usually tell you the extended menu at that time and let you know how much the happy ending is and what other services she might offer.

Legit masseuses are used to this sort of thing and they will usually handle it gracefully and let you know that it’s not appropriate without embarrassing you or making you feel bad. If she does specialize in happy endings, this will be the perfect time for her to ask you. They will usually tell you the extended menu at that time and let you know how much the happy ending is and what other services she might offer.

When all else fails, you can always get a standard massage then come home and watch all the videos that we’ve uploaded to our members area. These videos are of customers having sex with massage girls. Some of the videos are pretty wild. All of them have been recorded on a hidden camera. The people in the videos have no idea they are even on the internet!

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Mila Jade Does Some Rubbing and Tugging

Mila Jade Some Rubbing and Tugging
Massage girl Mila Jade on Hidden Cam.

If you don’t know who Mila Jade is then you’ve never been to the happy tugging massage palace I guess. She’s an exquisite Asian beauty that have a way with her hands. Mila Jade is one of the most popular massage girls at the palace and she’s not shy at all when it comes to giving her customers exactly what they want. In fact, she got caught on hidden camera in the massage room fucking her client! That’s how much of a people pleaser Mila Jade is. That’s not the only time she’s done this either. I’ve personally had the experience of sticking my dick inside her tight Asian pussy and it was delightful.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get to the Happy Tugging palace then you can always watch the videos that we have saved online for you. We created a members only section of the Happy Tugging site for you to enjoy. Check it out and let me know if you find other models that you like in there as well! I love knowing people’s favorite massage girls.

Chubby Asian Massage Girl Shows Her Happy Tug Skills Off

chubby asian massage

This skinny white guy comes to the Happy Tug parlor to get a dirty massage. A curvy, busty and chubby Asian sweetie takes him to his room and he lies down for a massage. It’s a normal massage at first, but she clearly wants to do more. He turns over on his back and she starts touching his cock. This gets him horny right away and he doesn’t hesitate to give her more money so she will have sex with him. She gives him an amazing tug and blow forcing her head down on his cock until she takes every bit down her throat. She is ready to feel that fuck stick inside of her so she climbs up on the table and starts fucking him. Her curvy body jiggles in the best way as she is being rammed hard with this big white fuck stick. He touches her all over as he fucks her deep and hard. This might be her job, but she is enjoying it so much that she would probably do it for free. She keeps fucking him until he gets close to orgasm then jerks him off until he sprays thick cum all over his stomach.

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Vicki Chase Loves Giving Massages

vicki chase porn

Sexy brunette Vicki Chase is probably the hottest masseuse you are likely to see. This massage session ends in the best possible way for one lucky stud. She massages him all over as she leans over him putting her soft hands all over his body. Suddenly, something rises under his towel. It’s his stiff cock. How can he be expected to conduct himself when such a hot girl is massaging him? Vicki chase reacts better than he could have ever hoped and we recorded it all on Happy The moment she sees his hard cock, she takes her clothes off and starts sucking his dick in the 69 position while he eats her pussy with her luscious ass in his face. She wants to feel his cock inside her so she climbs on top of the table and starts riding him. He grabs her round ass as she rides him with her tits in his face. She arches her back as he puts his hands on her soft knees and thrusts his cock deep inside her. She turns around the other way and her bubble ass presses against his thighs as he fucks her. When he gets close to orgasm, she climbs down and jerks him off.

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Marica Haze and Cindy Client Showdown

Well, another lucky customer came into the Happy Tugging parlor. He requested two massage therapists versus one. This was a rather strange requests, but it turned out to be one that he’s glad he made. Once he met Marica and Cindy, he knew it was going to be a really wonderful massage in the highest class massage room they have. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he probably didn’t have to pay double either because these girls got a really good bonus from him that they will never forget.

Happy Tug

During a routine Asian massage, the women decided to give their client a little bit of extra attention. Getting his chance to have a massage girl on his face and another on his dick, he ended up getting the most ultimate treatment he’s ever had. Once you’ve had one a special happy tug, you’ll never go elsewhere for any pleasure!

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Happy Tugging Sex Video with Mia Li

happy tugging mia li

Hi everyone! We’re back and we have an amazing happy tugging video for you guys to enjoy today! This video features one of our newest massage girls Mia Li and we didn’t know how much of a pro she was at tugging guys off until we saw the video. Her client persuaded her to get naked and put her perfect asian pussy in his face. This must have been a dream come true for the lucky fella. Then again, most of the patrons at the happytugging massage parlor get treatment like this. Anyway, we have it all on camera through our hidden cams in the rooms. I think it might be time for Mia Li to get a raise since she’s so good at what she does! LOL.

Jade in a Happy Tugging Massage Video

happytugging videos

Jade is one of our newest asian massage girls at the Happytugging parlor and she has proven herself to be one of the best girls we have! She’s in amazing shape and really knows how to tug a cock better than anyone I have every met. This lucky fella took Jade for some massage services and we filmed the whole entire service. He fucked her so hard after getting his dick sucked harder than he ever haas in his entire life. Trust me when I say that the Happy Tugging parlor is by far the best! Try it out for yourself and you be the judge!

Sex and Tugging Caught on Camera

happy tugging porn
This guy ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he signed up for an Asian massage from this little girl. While she certainly has talented hands, it’s pretty obvious that little Allanah has an even talented mouth. And Happy Tugs has set up the cameras so you can get a close up view and judge for yourself. The poor guy is almost about to blow his load, even before she climbs up on the massage cot for some rocking hot Asian sex. But he’s not about to take that lying down, and gets his own in for a while before it’s just too much, and the girl tugs him off for a happy end.

Happy Tugs Raunchy Asian Sex Massage

happy tugs massage
Imagine a hot Asian babe walking into the back of a massage parlor with a guy lying on the table ready to relieve some body tension. She starts off by massaging his temples to relieve him from the headache that he has been complaining about, then slowly works her way down until she reaches his cock and starts to massage it! This may sound like something that will never happen, but it happens and Happy Tugs documents it all in 1080P for you to enjoy! When these guys see what these sexy babes are willing to do, they pay extra just to see how far these sexy women are willing to go and they go far! These gorgeous Asian babes will engage in the raunchiest of Asian sex, even getting in different positions like the 69! These Asian massages are like no others!

What Goes on at the Happy Tugging Parlor?

happytugging video

The things that go on in these massage parlors have to be seen to be believed. Happy Tugs makes this possible by broadcasting all of the hot action that takes place in this parlor through plenty of high quality videos and pictures of all of the hot action that happens within these walls. These hot Asian massages get x rated when money comes into the picture. These horny Asians will take off all of their clothes and slide their wet pussies right onto these hard cocks if they pay up! At first the massages are innocent, but once these hot babes see some money they let their soft hands and tight pussies do all of the talking! These videos and hot pictures are some of the hottest on the net, and you will regret not seeing the happy tugging that goes on here if you turn back now! So grab on tight because shits about to get asian crazy!!!