Happy Tugging and Parlor Rubbing Relief

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He’s had a rather hard day, and wants to relax a bit by getting an Asian massage. So he gets up on the table and prepares to relax when suddenly he notices her hands wandering where he doesn’t expect them too. Not that he’s complaining, he could do with some extra stress relief, so they strike a deal to take off the towel and the clothes, so she can give him some extra help with all those hard areas around his groin. But her work is interrupted, because he can’t get enough of her perfect tits, and from there it’s not long before she’s on the bed with him, riding him like a pro. Then she works her mouth around his cock before she can get some happy tugging in for a happy finish.

Asian Massage Leads to Happy Tugging Blowjob

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From the start, this looks like your average Asian massage parlor, with a hot Asian girl about to rub some oil on the guy’s back to help him relax. Except she’s also a horny hot Asian girl, and her hands pretty soon are wandering where only a horny girl’s should. The guy takes it all in stride as his happy rub session turns in to a happy tug session. The girl tries stroking him for a while before getting out her nice round titties and showing that her mouth is just as talented as her hands. Before he gets ahead of the action she gets up on the cot to ride him like the horny girl she is. But this is happy tugs, remember? It’s just the time for her to get her hands around that hard cock of his and help him blow his load.

Happy Tugging Babes Give Handjobs


Have you ever wondered what goes on in the back of those Asian massage parlors? Well, thankfully voyeur cams catch everything that happens behind those walls and it is just as hot as you thought it was. These sexy Asian babes aren’t shy about giving some happy tugs to their customers. As long as you pay them extra, they will show off their supple tits and tight bodies while giving some cocks a nice hearty tug! Not only do these gorgeous babes specialize in handjobs, but they excel in blowjobs and are experts at riding a hard dick. It is unbelievable the kinds of things that these girls will do for a little extra cash! These cameras show all of this hot action and more!
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