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Happy Tugs Asian Massage Parlor Threesome

Filed under: Asian Sex Massage — admin at 11:15 pm on Sunday, November 30, 2014

happy tugging porn
This lucky guy spent some time recently at the Happy Tugs massage parlor and he wanted to get some special treatment for this visit. He decided to hire two massage girls for his massage instead of one. He wanted to take this to the next level and ended up asking them to fuck and suck him off. The girls were more than willing to give him a happy tugging that he’ll never forget. He was contemplating joining a sex dating site in order to find an Adult Fling for casual sex and he went to the massage parlor instead. I’d personally recommend doing both actually. I love going to the happy tugging parlor to get off. However, I also like to date local sluts online. Anyway, back to the threesome, so this guy literally got the massage of his life today and successfully fucked to asian girls for less than the price of a night out to dinner. I wish I was this guy!

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Happy Tugging Sex Video with Mia Li

Filed under: HappyTugs — admin at 12:52 pm on Thursday, November 21, 2013

happy tugging mia li

Hi everyone! We’re back and we have an amazing happy tugging video for you guys to enjoy today! This video features one of our newest massage girls Mia Li and we didn’t know how much of a pro she was at tugging guys off until we saw the video. Her client persuaded her to get naked and put her perfect asian pussy in his face. This must have been a dream come true for the lucky fella. Then again, most of the patrons at the happytugging massage parlor get treatment like this. Anyway, we have it all on camera through our hidden cams in the rooms. I think it might be time for Mia Li to get a raise since she’s so good at what she does! LOL.

Jade in a Happy Tugging Massage Video

Filed under: HappyTugs — admin at 7:28 pm on Monday, August 19, 2013

happytugging videos

Jade is one of our newest asian massage girls at the Happytugging parlor and she has proven herself to be one of the best girls we have! She’s in amazing shape and really knows how to tug a cock better than anyone I have every met. This lucky fella took Jade for some massage services and we filmed the whole entire service. He fucked her so hard after getting his dick sucked harder than he ever haas in his entire life. Trust me when I say that the Happy Tugging parlor is by far the best! Try it out for yourself and you be the judge!

Happy Tugging Jayden Lee Rides Dick

Filed under: Asian Sex Massage — admin at 12:01 am on Sunday, August 11, 2013

happy tugging
This guy already feels like the luckiest dude in the world at the sight of his hot Asian masseuse, but once he realizes he’s going to get some happy tugging, he’s now the happiest guy in the universe. Not too long into the massage this tight-bodied Asian goddess strips off all her clothes so that they are now both fully nude, then the happytugging commences. The happytugging eventually leads to some amazing sucking skills and then to top it all off with the main course, she hops on his hard, throbbing cock and rides like a cowgirl off into the dawn.

Hidden Camera Massage with Mia

Filed under: Massage Porn — admin at 5:28 pm on Sunday, December 16, 2012

happy tugging

Mia was one of the massage girls in our parlor this week. She had a certain client that was in desperate need of a tugging. Well, Mia had just the cure for this man and it was more than a simple tug job session. She decided to ride his cock like never before right there on the massage table. Little did she know that we had set up a secret hidden camera to capture the whole event on video. Happy tugging is the best way to finish your day. Trust me, I’m a client myself!

Arial Happy Tugging Massage Videos

Filed under: Massage Porn — admin at 12:24 am on Saturday, November 10, 2012

happy tuging arial
We are back with another awesome Happy Tugging update to start your weekend off right! This time we bring you Arial the sexy asian massager! Arial certainly didn’t learn the art of the happy tug in massage school, but we’re glad she obviously studied and practiced on her own!  This is massage porn at its hottest, as this lovely Asian nympho works the kinks out of her happy clients by pulling, grinding and slurping them into ecstasy.

Happy Handjobs in the Parlor

Filed under: Massage Porn — admin at 11:49 pm on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

happy handjob
Ever want to see what really happens in those Asian massage parlors? You know the ones that offer you a happy finish? Well, here’s a sneak peak at one hot Asian chick giving her customer a really relaxing work out. She’s in a tight top and cute skirt, and he can’t help letting his eyes wander. But when she gets down to more comfortable attire – less clothes – then it’s time to strike a deal for a massage that includes everything he’s seeing. This hot little Asian proves to be as good at giving head as her body promises. Don’t miss her riding him reverse cowgirl style until he can give her happy tugs session a happy ending.

Sex and Tugging Caught on Camera

Filed under: HappyTugs — admin at 11:40 pm on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy tugging porn
This guy ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he signed up for an Asian massage from this little girl. While she certainly has talented hands, it’s pretty obvious that little Allanah has an even talented mouth. And Happy Tugs has set up the cameras so you can get a close up view and judge for yourself. The poor guy is almost about to blow his load, even before she climbs up on the massage cot for some rocking hot Asian sex. But he’s not about to take that lying down, and gets his own in for a while before it’s just too much, and the girl tugs him off for a happy end.

Asian Baylee Touch Massages Random Guys Dick

Filed under: Asian Sex Massage — admin at 11:55 pm on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

happytugging baylee

Sexy Asian babe Baylee Touch has some serious skills! She gets right on top of her clients when this busty babe gives her Asian massages. It is no wonder that these guys who come in get rock hard, by just looking at her. When her clothes come off is when the real fun begins, and she has no problem wrapping her soft hands around a cock and giving it a fast tug until she feels it ready to explode inside of her hands. Her skills really shine when she climbs on top of a cock and bounces her ass on it. These guys will never forget this massage when she is done with them. This video and many more are available on this site to keep you satisfied while watching these beautiful women do what they do best!
Happy Tugs Baylee

Happy Tugging Myka Tugjob Massage

Filed under: Massage Porn — admin at 6:24 pm on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

happy tugs mika
Starting with your standard Asian massage, it becomes pretty obvious that Myka is open for more. The guy laying there can see that, with her big tits bouncing over his face while she works her magic. They get to negotiating a price they will both accept while she’s working on his cock through a towel. That she needs before she has her clothes off and is on the desk taking his meat deep down her throat and then riding him like a pro. Clearly he’s getting his money worth, because this full massage and Asian sex adventure includes a happy ending. Just how it should be: happy tugs mean happy customers.

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