Rosemary Happily Tugs Clients Cock and Guzzles Cum!

There’s not much that I enjoy more than getting a rub and tug at the local massage parlor. I had taken a break from going and decided to start up my sex massage tradition once again. I got lucky and ended up with a massage therapist named Rosemary. She’s a Happytugging employee that’s literally been working in the massage parlor for years. Sure, she looks skinny and small but Rosemary can tug a cock and guzzle cum like I’ve never experienced. I’ll tell you exactly how this Rosemary Happy Tugs massage session typically goes. Just keep reading…

rosemary happy tugs sex video

Rosemary Happy Tugs Parlor Special On Video

Okay, so since I had my very own massage session with Rosemary, I know exactly how she operates. I ended up getting a session booked with her in the private room of the Happy tugging parlor in LA. She took me into the back room and I noticed that there was a camera in the corner of the room. After asking her about it, she told me it was for security purposes. I honestly didn’t give a fuck one way or another. I knew what I was getting into and wasn’t going to let anything stop me from getting lucky today!

Rosemary started with a typical body massage working my upper body. She focused on my shoulders more so than anything. Soon enough, Rosemary was all over my thighs and dick region. I found myself getting aroused and loved every minute of it.

One thing led to another and she was tugging on my dick hard and faster than ever before. All while I licked her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was so clean and tasty, not to mention so damn tight that I could barely fit one finger in it. That’s one thing I like about Asian girls. They have super tight pussies.

Anyway, she swallowed my dick and wrapped her tongue around my balls like something out of a magic show. It was literally one of the best happy ending massages I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be ordering her sometime soon again!


Happy Ending Rooms And Why I Love Them

It should come as no surprise to you that I love getting massages. In fact, I’ve spent hours in happy ending rooms having sex with dirty massage girls. I don’t know what it is but they seem to be able to get me off better than any other girls. I’m going to share all the main reasons why I love spending time nude in the rooms getting lathered by horny Asian women.

happy ending rooms

Four Reasons I Love Happy Ending Rooms

Keep in mind that this just a short list and it certainly doesn’t shed light on every reason. However, it should give you a good idea as to why the so-called happy ending rooms are so fucking awesome!

They Are Cheap
The first reason I love booking a massage by a horny Asian girl is because they are relatively cheap. Asian girls are not afraid to work for a small amount of money. That means you’re coin goes a lot further with these girls.

Anything Goes
If you’ve ever visited any asian massage parlors or if you’ve seen footage of some happy tugging videos then you know what goes on in the rooms. That’s right, anything you want to happen can and will happen. Whether you’re in the mood for a tug job or if you want to fuck some tight Asian asshole, it’s up for grabs. Anything goes in the Happy Ending room.

The Girls Are Hot
Asian massage girls are super hot for the most part, especially the ones that I visit. I typically visit the Happytugging Parlor in LA or in Miami and that’s it. All of the girls are pretty much drop dead gorgeous at those two locations. The same goes for other places around the country.

I Can Watch Others Have Sex
I love watching people have sex and I get to do it in the comfort of my own home at times. All the Happy Tugging hidden camera videos that are available make it easy for me to enjoy watching them in private.

These are just a few of the simple reasons that I truly enjoy happy ending rooms. The best part is that you always know you’re going to get a happy ending!

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Is Happy Tugs Real Or What?

A lot of people have been asking me the same question over and over, “Is happy tugs real?” They have also been asking me whether or not it’s legit or if it’s a scam. I’m here to set the record straight once and for all. Happy Tugs is without a doubt 100% real! If you live in any metropolitan area in the United States, then there’s a good chance that you’ve passed by one of the many corporate parlors that are scattered across the country.

is happy tugs real

I don’t know why people keep asking me this stupid question. It’s almost as if they are jealous because they have yet to visit the parlor. If you don’t live near any of the massage parlors that do this then I’m really sorry. Don’t worry though, the good news for you is that many of these parlors have hidden cameras in their massage rooms. I’m not sure if they are allowed to do this or they just do it because they want to protect the girls giving the massages. In any event, it’s best to watch some of these videos before visiting any of the locations to get your own Happy Tugging. The company that owns all this is huge and they wouldn’t jeopardize their massage company by sharing the videos with you if Happy Tugs wasn’t real. So, I hope that answers your question. YES, Happy Tugs is without a doubt, 100% real and it’s the best massage company in the world!

Where can I get the video?

That’s a good question. You can actually get the massage cam videos right here. I’ve provided some samples for you to check out and have even listed out the names of some of the best massage girls too. Check it out and feel free to ask me any questions should you have any. If you’re ready, the other option is for you to get a handjob today!

Best Happy Ending Video Ever

best happy ending

It’s Sunday and something absolutely incredible happened this weekend. I discovered the best happy ending video ever! It was the most exciting video that I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Something tells me that you’re absolutely going to love it. I’m not going to keep teasing you though. Instead, I’ll give you some insight as to what the video consists of and you can then decide if you want to download the video. For starters, it’s a clip that was recorded in a private room in the back of the Happy Tugging massage parlor in Los Angeles. The video features a massage girl named Marica Hase and she’s an absolute professional when it comes to servicing her clients.

For starters, Marica Hase has the tightest body I’ve ever seen and the perfect Asian skin. She’s basically something that walked out of an Asian model magazine. You really have to see the video I’ve posted here at in order to get the full picture. Let me explain what happened here for you first though. Marica was rubbing oil all over her clients body. I mean, she was covering his entire body from head to toe with massage oil. She knew he was getting extremely horny because his cock was getting hard as a rock. She decided to take things up a notch and work on a couple other areas of his body that she knew her client would enjoy.

She decided to get completely naked and give her client the best happy ending ever. She fucked and sucked the guy off better than he’s ever had. Now, if you’ve never had a happy ending from a massage parlor then you wouldn’t understand the video you’re about to see. However, I can promise you that it’s one of the best feelings ever! Trust me on this one.

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Happy Tugs Tube Video Featuring Natia

Happy Tugs Tube Video
Natia Nice Happy Tugs Tube Video

Do you like tattoos? How about Asian girls with tattoos? Well, I’ve got the perfect Happy Tugs tube video for you to enjoy and it features a sexy Asian girl named Natia. Let me tell you a little about Natia and why we love her so much. Natia was giving one of her clients a massage in the spa room at Happy Tugging. The client noticed how nice her tattoos were and he asked to see them along with her beautiful body. Well, one thing led to another and she was soon naked in the parlor sucking this guy’s dick.

However, it wasn’t until naughty Natia was in the 69 position with him that things really got turned up a notch. In fact, that’s when it got down right crazy as fuck! Natia decided to hop on this guy’s dick and ride him until he was about to cum inside of her. It didn’t take long to get her client off and it certainly wasn’t the first time she’d done something like this.

The good news is that Natia doesn’t get punished for acting like this. Instead, she’s actually rewarded for being such a good lay and by that I mean that she’s paid a hefty sum for her services. It’s not even close to the same treatment that you get at other massage parlors. Natia is much better and she is just what the Happytugging parlor needed to increase their sales! Come check out the Happy Tugs tube video and watch Natia have her way with this guy!

Jayden Lee Jaw Dropper Video

jayden lee jaw dropper
Jayden Lee in The Jaw Dropper video update.

If you’re not familiar with who Jayden Lee is then you obviously haven’t been to the Happy Tugging parlor. If you had been there you would have seen her working like crazy to please her clients. What’s really wonderful about her is that she’s not afraid to be filmed while giving massages. In fact, she’s spent so much time working with clients that she no longer needs to persuade clients to pay for extra services. All she has to do is show them the famous Jayden Lee Jaw Dropper video and they gladly break out there wallets to pay the extra fee.

jayden lee jaw dropper update

The good news is that she’s not the only one that’s willing to pleasure their clients in the parlor. In fact, some of the girls will even to house calls if you pay them enough! Enough about that though, let me get back to the Jayden Lee jaw dropping sex video. She literally swallowed this lucky guys cock and balls while giving a massage and she did so before even getting the chance to undress. That was just the beginning, though. Jayden straddled this guy and clinched her tight pussy around his cock to the point where he almost came inside her. It must have been breathtaking. You can download the Jayden Lee Jaw Dropper video and all the other hidden camera videos. Just click right here to join.

Asian Erotic Massage Video of Noni Luv

erotic massage video

This guy knows that he scored when he walks into the erotic massage room and sees that his masseuse is an extremely hot and sultry Asian goddess with long hair and a perfect, petite body. Her name is Noni Luv and the erotic massage video of her one that you won’t want to miss. She is just too hot to resist and his dick starts getting hard the moment she touches him. She likes how turned on he is by her touch so she puts her soft hand under his towel. The towel comes off and she starts licking his balls with his cock in her hand. She starts sucking him off and she can’t wait to feel him inside her. She climbs on him and starts riding his dick. She is overcome with pleasure and arches her back and tilts her head back moaning while he keeps pumping. She rides him in reverse position then starts riding him sideways. He holds her soft warm knee while he’s fucking her. He pushes and moves his dick around deep inside of her and she moans with pleasure. While he’s caressing her leg, she starts trembling and cums all over his cock. He gets close to having an orgasm as well so she gives him a tug job until he cums.

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Lana Violet Porn Taped on a Spy Camera

lana violet porn

Have you seen any of the Lana Violet porn videos out there? She spends a ton of time at the HappyTugging spa and she knows how to treat her clients. In fact, Lana Violet knows how to rub men the right way and that’s why she is in the Happy Tugging spa parlor. This beautiful Asian woman is already horny when this guy comes in for his massage. She is the aggressor and starts flirting right away. She has him lie down and she starts in on a nice, relaxing massage. He seems to be enjoying the massage, but she has something a little more hardcore in mind. By the time she gets her hands down to his midsection, she is already wet so she reaches up his towel grabbing his cock. It grows hard in her hand as she jerks it then wraps her soft warm lips around it. She sucks his cock deep until it is fully hard then climbs on top of it and puts it in her pussy. She rides him and spreads her legs wide so his cock will penetrate her as deep as possible. The large fuck stick spreads her pussy as she moans with intense pleasure. Just as he is about to unload his cum; she climbs down and finishes him by jerking him off. This is one hell of a happy ending massage video and I think you’re going to love every single one of them that you watch!

Asian Tug Job Video From In The Massage Parlor

asian tug job

Tug jobs turn to blowjobs and blowjobs turn to fucking at the infamous Happy Tugs massage parlor. There’s something to be said about a nice tug porn video too. Especially when it features a smoking hoer Asian girl. This busty Asian knockout has long hair, long legs and a tight pussy that loves to be filled by cock. I’ve seen the video so I’ll just share exactly what happens so you know what to expect. This sexy massage girl has this guy lie face down as she massages him tenderly. It seems like a normal massage as she has him turn over and she starts massaging his chest and stomach.

You can tell that her hands are aching to grab his cock. She finally reaches under the towel and grabs his fuck stick firmly in her hand. Once he is hard, she gets nude and starts giving him a tug job. The tug job gets her horny for his cock so she starts sucking it. She climbs on him while he starts eating her pussy and she continues sucking his cock. She transitions from the 69 position to the reverse cowgirl position and rides his cock while she moans in ecstasy. She turns around so she can ride him deep while she’s looking in his eyes. This brings him close to cumming so she jumps down and tugs his dick until he shoots a rope of thick cum on his stomach. Now, does that sound like a massage that you, yourself would enjoy? I know I would!

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Sharon Lee Massaging, Tugging and Banging Her Client!

sharon lee happy tugging

Sharon Lee is an awesome massage girl that spends about 50 hours each week at the Happy Tugging parlor in L.A. She’s a certified massage therapist that has a way with her hands. In this hidden camera video, Sharon shows off her skills giving this client a rub down for ver an hour. She noticed that the client was extra aroused, feeling his cock getting hard under the towel. This sparked an idea in Sharon Lee’s head and she wasted no time in putting her proposal out there. The client, named Scott, gladly accepted and he handed her some extra cash and the happy tugs transaction began. Sharon then started jerking off Scott and sucking his dick until it was harder than it’s ever been. Things escalated and the next thing that happened was that Sharon was riding her client’s cock right there in the massage room. It almost seemed like a mutual massage given that they were both having an orgasm on camera before the video was over.

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