Marica Haze and Cindy Client Showdown

Well, another lucky customer came into the Happy Tugging parlor. He requested two massage therapists versus one. This was a rather strange requests, but it turned out to be one that he’s glad he made. Once he met Marica and Cindy, he knew it was going to be a really wonderful massage in the highest class massage room they have. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he probably didn’t have to pay double either because these girls got a really good bonus from him that they will never forget.

Happy Tug

During a routine Asian massage, the women decided to give their client a little bit of extra attention. Getting his chance to have a massage girl on his face and another on his dick, he ended up getting the most ultimate treatment he’s ever had. Once you’ve had one a special happy tug, you’ll never go elsewhere for any pleasure!

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Joining Happy Changed My Life!

Have you ever joined a site and felt like your world changed? Well, that’s what happened when I joined Happy I literally changed my entire life in a matter of minutes after joining the site. Here’s why my life has never been better since I joined the famous Asian happy tugs website.

Happy and why it’s made my life awesome!

Top 4 Reasons Why Happy Is Life Changing

1) The Massage Girls Are Hot! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smoking hot massage girls on video in my entire life. They are beyond hot and probably more enticing than any girl you’ve ever met that knows how to rub someone down.

2) I Don’t Need Anymore Asian Porn! After joining Happy, I no longer need to join any other Asian porn site at all. Yup, that’s right! I said it…I’ll never ever need to join another tugging site or Asian site with a naked girl online ever again. There’s more than enough Asian porn that I literally can’t even consume all the videos that they gave me access to.

3) I Visit Massage Parlors All The Time Now! I never even visited a massage parlor until I came across Once I knew what really went on at these establishments, I quickly learned how accepting it was. I ended up getting a membership at a local Asian massage parlor and things changed after that. I was getting more happy tugs than I could even ask for. The first time it was a bit awkward asking for the rubdown, but it’s just like anything you do the first time. I now go weekly for a rub and tug. 

4) I Fell In Love With A Massage Girl! If it weren’t for joining Happy I would have never ended up at a local massage parlor and falling in love with the massage girl. No lie, I’m now dating a girl that gave me a handjob in a parlor. It’s been about a month that I’ve been with her and I’m still seeing her a couple nights a week. She just might be my girlfriend now. LOL

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Laci Hurst Rubs and Sucks Off Her Client

It’s been a while since I provided an update from the massage parlor, but I couldn’t help but share this set of happy tugging pictures of Laci with you. She’s a real professional massage girl that knows how to treat all her clients. It’s quite normal to get such high-end treatment from the massage girls at this parlor, so many wouldn’t be too shocked with what I’m about to share.

Laci Hurst Massage Girl

Lacy was working on this guy’s neck, doing a great job taking the kinks out of him. She found her way down towards his towel and it that’s where it all started. It didn’t take long to get his buy in on receiving a happy tugging and blowjob. That apparently wasn’t enough for the client or Laci. She decided to sit on this guys hard cock before finishing him off letting him cum in her hand.

Why Join Happy Tugging?

Well, now that I’ve shared various experiences that have taken place at the Happy Tugging parlor, it should come as no surprise that these women love what they do and they do it will. Joining the site gives you full access to all the premium happy tug porn videos you could ever ask for.