Rosemary Happily Tugs Clients Cock and Guzzles Cum!

There’s not much that I enjoy more than getting a rub and tug at the local massage parlor. I had taken a break from going and decided to start up my sex massage tradition once again. I got lucky and ended up with a massage therapist named Rosemary. She’s a Happytugging employee that’s literally been working in the massage parlor for years. Sure, she looks skinny and small but Rosemary can tug a cock and guzzle cum like I’ve never experienced. I’ll tell you exactly how this Rosemary Happy Tugs massage session typically goes. Just keep reading…

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Rosemary Happy Tugs Parlor Special On Video

Okay, so since I had my very own massage session with Rosemary, I know exactly how she operates. I ended up getting a session booked with her in the private room of the Happy tugging parlor in LA. She took me into the back room and I noticed that there was a camera in the corner of the room. After asking her about it, she told me it was for security purposes. I honestly didn’t give a fuck one way or another. I knew what I was getting into and wasn’t going to let anything stop me from getting lucky today!

Rosemary started with a typical body massage working my upper body. She focused on my shoulders more so than anything. Soon enough, Rosemary was all over my thighs and dick region. I found myself getting aroused and loved every minute of it.

One thing led to another and she was tugging on my dick hard and faster than ever before. All while I licked her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was so clean and tasty, not to mention so damn tight that I could barely fit one finger in it. That’s one thing I like about Asian girls. They have super tight pussies.

Anyway, she swallowed my dick and wrapped her tongue around my balls like something out of a magic show. It was literally one of the best happy ending massages I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be ordering her sometime soon again!